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15 Dec 2015

Press room

By Roberto Stuckert Filho [CC BY 3.0 br (], via Wikimedia Commons

by Andrea Masullo The signing of the so-called Paris Agreement on climate change has been greeted with enthusiasm by the participants, official delegations and environmentalists but, by carefully reading the document, still reasons for concern persist. Science has now largely warned that the game is almost, but not yet completely, lost, because the world is running towards scenarios of rising global temperatures between 3° and 5 °C and opens perspectives such as to put at risk the very human civilization; it is what Hans Schellnhuber[i] said, during the International Forum



A panel discussion between lay and religious in the XII International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature. A pact among Religions to save the Earth. Only courageous ethical choices can achieve an ecological conversion. Abandon the coal also it means dry funds of terrorism Rieti, November 19th 2015 – Science and Faith, historically in conflict, here are close as never before. The baptism of this new alliance starts ideally from Rieti, where is ongoing the XII International Media Forum for the Protection of Nature, organized by the Greenaccord association



In 2025 more than 2.5 billion people forced to live without water. Stop rising temperatures of two degrees will not be enough to contain the environmental damage. By the end of the century it will be impossible to make pilgrimages to Mecca or Jerusalem for extreme heat. Rieti, November 18th 2015 – There is no more time to wait, the Earth needs credible answers to stop the dramatic rise in temperatures that could lead later this century to an average increase of 5 degrees Celsius. The scientists warn unanimously the



This morning in Rieti opened the Media Forum with a joint appeal for a sustainable agreement in view of the COP21 in Paris. “If we do not find an agreement, the average global temperature will rise of 6 degrees by the end of the century, with devastating consequences especially for the poorest countries,” the IPCC reports. “Yet the reduction in emissions would cost only 0.06% of global GDP.” Rieti, November 18th 2015 – It is a mix of serious concerns and timid hopes that pervades the reports of the present



Rieti, November 18th 2015 – “The commitments promised by 158 world states ahead of the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris, even taken together, will not be sufficient to ensure respect of the limitation of 2° C of global warming.” It was denounced by Domenico Gaudioso, head of the Climate Service and Atmosphere ISPRA, Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research, spoke at the XII International Media Forum in Rieti of Greenaccord Environmental Information. The most probable value, which is reached, is an increase of between 2.7 and 3.6° C of



“The mix of needed energetic, economic, fiscal, agricultural and financial policies to adapt to climate change and to keep below the 2 ° C the overall increase temperature could account for less than 0.06% of global GDP.” It is the calculation made by Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, the outgoing vice president of the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations, spoke at the XII International Media Forum in Rieti of Greenaccord about Environmental Information. “And this information – said the Belgian climatologist – does not take into