Associazione culturale per la salvaguardia del creato – Onlus

Greenaccord would like to be an international “virtual table” open to all the professionals in information and communication who want to deepen themes about environment and its protection with their work and to all the experts of the various fields who take part in the vast panorama of environmental discussions. In order to achieve this purpose Greenaccord uses these means:

First of all, the International Media Forum which takes place in Rome, every autumn of the year. The International Forum wants to be a moment of reflection, training and meeting for Italian and Foreign Press journalists who, even if in their differences, are interested in the protection of Nature. The International Forum organizes relations and meetings among journalists and the highest experts in the various fields of Ecology. Furthermore, it allows journalists to meet in order to know one another professionally and personally.

The European Forum for European Catholic and Secular Press in order to deepen the environmental protection themes in the Communitarian area and to open a debate about a right and door-to-door information on environmental protection in Europe.

The disclosing, at international level, of a correct information on environmental protection through its web-site The possibility of giving voice also to those journalists who haven’t enough freedom of expression in their own countries by publishing their articles on environment. The web-site would like to be as well a virtual meeting point for all those journalists in the world who want to remain in contact and to create a network about environmental themes.

The Promotion of a journalistic award at national and international level for the disclosing of themes about environmental protection.