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Under the High Patronage of the  President of the Italian Republic


Wednesday, 4 October

Villa Mondragone

Morning session: Big urban areas

10.00  Welcome address:      Dr. Gian Paolo Marchetti, President of Greenaccord


Opening address:                   Dr. Paolo Bernardi,  Vice Chairman of Greenaccord

Chair:                                     On. Ermete Realacci, President of the Environment Commission of the

Chamber of Deputies

10.10 A Global News Agency Tackles Global Warming

Dr. Mario Lubetkin, Director General IPS – Inter Press Service international association

10.30 First Presentation: Health effects of urban air pollution

Prof. Ursula Ackermann Liebrich, Academic Director Swiss School of Public Health

11.15   Discussion with the Speaker

11.40   Second Presentation: Transport and Citizens’ health: protection and possible policies

Dr. Pierre Quiblier, Person in charge of the HELI  (Health and Environment Linkages

Initiatives) WHO – UNEP

12.20  Discussion with the keynote Speaker

12.40  Addresses:

Tools for a  sustainable mobility to clash the traffic and pollution in the urban area: a critic review.

Carlo Carminucci, Director Research Area ISFORT

Urban Greenways: for  a new quality of the city

Dr. Giulio Senes,  Ph.D. Institute of Agricultural Engineering, University of Milan

13.10       Discussion

13.30   Lunch

Afternoon Session: Climate Changes and Health

Chair: Dr. Michele Candotti, Secretary-General WWF Italy

15.00   Chairman’s welcome and opening address

15.10      Third Presentation: Climate change and Health: The international situation

Dr. Bettina Menne, Medical Officer Global Change and Health, WHO  Euro –  lead author of the human health chapter in IPCC

15.50   Discussion with the keynote speaker

16.15   Fourth Presentation: The spread of viral and parasitic diseases due to climate change.

Dr. Andrew Karanja Githeko, Climate and Human Health Research Unit Kenya Medical

Research Unit

17.00   Discussion with the keynote Speaker

17.40   Fifth Presentation: Effects on men caused by extreme climatic events

John C. Topping Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Climate Institute, Washington

18.10   Discussion with the keynote Speaker

18.30   Close of Forum Day One

20.00  Villa Mercede: “Music to dream” Concert by piano, soundtracks from 41 famous films

Maestro Rolando Nicolosi

21.30   Dinner

Thursday, 5 October

Morning Session: Chemical and radioactive substances

Chair: Sen. Edo Ronchi, Vice-President Environment and Territory Commission

09.00  Chairman’s welcome and opening address

09.10   Sixth Presentation: The spread of toxic substances into the ecosystem and risks for human health. The precautionary principle

Dott.ssa Eva Alessi, Person in charge for the Scientific Campaign Detox -WWF International-

10.10   Discussion with the keynote speaker

11.00   Seventh Presentation: Radioactive waste: the Viability of the Biosphere

Professor Asaf Durakovic, Medical Research Director, UMRC- Uranium Medical Research


12.00   Discussion with the Speaker

13.00   Lunch

Afternoon session: visit to Rome

16.30   Campidoglio, Protomoteca’s hall: meeting with the Councillor for Environment, City of Rome,  On.Dario Esposito.

Following:  Visit to the Capitoline Museums

20.00  Dinner at the Restaurant “I Cigni”

Friday, 6 October

Morning Session: Feeding and Agriculture

Chair: Dott. Paolo Bedoni, President of Coldiretti

09.00 Chairman’s welcome and opening address

09.15   Eighth Presentation: On the Cusp of an Organic Revolution

Prof. Kathleen Merrigan, Director of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Program at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in environmental planning and policy.

10.00  Discussion with the Keynote Speaker

10.50   Ninth presentation: Development, Food Sovereignty and cooperation

On. Patrizia Sentinelli, Vice Minister Foreign Affairs

11.40   Discussion with the keynote speaker

12.10    Tenth Presentation: Benefits of biodiversity in agriculture

Prof. Vandana Shiva, Alternative Nobel Peace Prize 1993 and Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy

13.00   Discussion with the Speaker

13.30   Lunch

Afternoon session: work environment

Chair:  On. Rosa Rinaldi, Under Secretary Ministry for Employment and Social Security

15.00   Chairman’s welcome and opening address

15.10   Eleventh presentation: Health in work Environments in the globalized market

Franco La Ferla, Industrial Associations Novara

Claudio Falasca, Environment and Territory Department,  National Cgil

16.00   Discussion with the keynote speakers

16.50   Twelfth presentation: Work and exploitation: children and teenagers perspective

Carlotta Sami, Programme Director Save the Children Italia

17.30   Discussion with the keynote speaker

18.10   The role of the Local Community in the development cooperation

Dr. Giuseppe De Righi, President “Comunità Montana” Castelli Romani and Prenestini

18.30      Prevention, Environment and Work

Dr. Rino Pavanello, National Secretory of the Association Environment and Work

19.00   Close of Forum Day Three

21.00   Villa Mondragone- the “Comunità Montana” offers: typical foods, wine tasting and a folk group show

Saturday, 7 October

Morning and Afternoon  Session: Greenaccord Network

09.30     On. Loredana De Petris, Office of the Presidency ,  Senate of the Italian Republic

09.45     Biopolicy – Setting Bioethical Priorities

Dr. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, President and Founder Biopolitics International Organisation

10.15   Discussion with the Speaker

10.30   How Environment Counts as One of the Top Censored Stories

Dr.ssa Miren Gutierrez, Editor in Chief IPS International News Agency

10.50   The GIS as a knowledge and communication tool for the Protection of Nature and the Protection of Health.

Vartan Manoukian – Strategic Development Esri Italia SpA

11.30   Greenaccord Projects

- 1st Greenaccord Media Forum for Africa (Daniel Sikazwe)

- Adopt a journalist (Andrea Masullo)

- Greenaccord Centre (Prof. Ugo Sasso)

12.00 Address of 5 journalists coming from the 5 Continents

Environmental situation in the 5 continents (Part 1)

Alvaro Gonzalez – America

Jean-Claude Mbede – Africa

13.30     Lunch

14.30   Environmental situation in the 5 continents (Part 2)

Tian Song – Asia

Natasha Dokovska – Europe

Jon Dee – Australia

16.15   European Premiere Screening “Reports video stories”

Nalaka Gunawardene, Director and CEO – TVE Asia Pacific

16.30      Debate

17.30      Conclusion and close of the IV International Media Forum.

18.00   Departures