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Greenaccord signs declaration of dolphin and whale rights

04/11/2017 17:23

Larderello, 4 November 2017 – The non-profit association Greenaccord has signed a manifest for the protection of the rights of dolphins and whales promoted by the Cultural Forum of Russia. “Dolphins and whales are creatures possessing self-consciousness and are capable of reason and feelings", states the declaration which was signed by Greenaccord's president, Alfonso Cauteruccio, during the 14th International Forum for the protection of Nature organized in collaboration with the Region of Tuscany, the ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Environment, Enel Green Power and the Geoknowledge Foundation, ongoing in Tuscany until Sunday

“This declaration is extremely important for the protection of the biosphere in a time where mankind must acknowledge its responsibility for Earth's wellbeing," explained Nicole Gratovsky member of the Cultural Forum of Russia.

The manifest declares mankind's commitment in ten points among which: “dolphins and whales have the right to life and to freedom of movement, their death at the hands of mankind must be prohibited without exception. Their lives must not be put in danger and the animals can not become private property. Their use for entertainment, medicine or military purposes is forbidden as anyone of these instances is considered slavery."

The declaration is a  mea-culpa as well as a commitment to involve all the major international players to protect with legal measures the violation of the rights of all dolphins and cetaceans.