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In October 2005, there has been the publication for EMI (Bologna 2005), of the volume on the proceedings of the 2nd International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature, held in Rapolano Terme (SI) from the 2nd to the 5th of November 2004.

The book, entitled “Economics and the Environment. The challenge of the Third Millennium”, contains the texts of the interventions of Lester Brown, Caleb Fundanga, Jonathan Lash, Serge Latouche, Joan Martinez Alier, Andrew Masullo, Ignazio Musu and Mathis Wackernagel. (EMI Edition, Bologna 2005, pp. 170, € 10,00).

In June 2005, the proceedings of the Study Day entitled “No food: agricultural frontier” have been printed. The booklet contains the interventions of: Franco Pasquali, Alessandro Bozzini, Franco Miglietta, David Pettenella, Mario somber Marcora Luca Luca Bellotti, Andrew Masullo.

In September 2008, it has been published for Ancora Publisher, the book “Earth is your home. Practical tips for sustainable living”, edited by Andrew Masullo (Ancora Edition, Milan 2008, € 12,00).