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VII International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Historical Residence

Domus La Quercia

Morning session

09.30 – Address

Alfonso Cauteruccio

Secretary-General of Greenaccord

Lorenzo Chiarinelli

Bishop of Viterbo

Alessandro Mazzoli

President of the Province of Viterbo

Chair: Anna Maria Fausto

Director of the Environmental Department, University of Tuscia

10.00 – Lectio Magistralis

The basis for a global agreement on climate

Leena Srivastava

Executive Director of TERI, The Energy and Resources Institute, India

11.00 – Discussion with the Speaker

11.30 – Coffee break

12.00 – First presentation

How to protect the climate and come out of the global financial crisis

Janet Larsen

Director of Research, Earth Policy Institute, USA

12.45 – Discussion with the Speaker

13.10 – Communication

Antonio Bertolotto

Managing dir. Marcopolo Engineering S.p.A.

13.30 Lunch

Afternoon session

Chair: Gianfranco Astori

Director of Asca

15.00 – Second Presentation

Climate change and Planet health conditions

Erik Assadourian

Research associate at Worldwatch Institute, USA

15.45 – Discussion with the Speaker

16.15 - Green Economy of recycling:

advantages and opportunities for environmental protection

Saturno Illomei

Manager-Corporate Communications, CONAI,

National Packaging Consortium, Italy

16.30 – Coffee break

17.00 – Third Presentation

The relationship between economic crisis and environmental crisis

Stefano Zamagni

Professor of Economic at the University of Bologna, Italy

18.00 – Discussion with the Speaker

18.30 – Close of day one

20.00 - Tour of food and wine tasting from Marche

Offered by TreValli – Cooperlat

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Historical Residence

Domus La Quercia

Morning session

Chair: Raniero De Filippis

Director of the environmental department, Regione Lazio

09.00 – Fourth Presentation

Climate, the lesson of History

Brian Fagan

Professor of Anthropology at the Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, USA

09.45 – Discussion with the Speaker

10.15 – Fifth Presentation

The evidences of the change under way in the Mediterranean area

Antonio Navarra

Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre

for Climate Change, Italy

11.00 – Discussion with the Speaker

11.30 – Coffee break

12.00 – Sixth Presentation

Glaciers melting in Antarctica

Joellen L. Russell

Assistant Professor of Geosciences at the University of Arizona, USA

12.45 – Discussion with the Speaker

13.15 – Lunch

Climate and People:

direct evidences

Afternoon session

Chair: Michele Candotti

Secretary-General of Wwf Italy

15.00 - The campaign “Climate Witness”, WWF International

Claire Carlton

Manager Climate Witness Programme, Australia

Climate witnesses

15.20 - The decrease in the production of milk

Diego Redini

Italy, farmer

15.50 – Discussion with the Speaker

16.10 - Glaciers melting and agricultural crisis

Mbiwo Constantine Kusebahasa

Uganda, farmer

16.40 – Discussion with the Speaker

17.00 – Coffee break

17.20 - The retreat of mountain glaciers

Alton Byers

USA, Mountain Geographer

17.40 – Discussion with the Speaker

18.00 – Communication

Wang Yong-Chen

Journalist, China

18.30 – Close of Day two

20.00 - Dinner at the farm holiday “Il Castello”

Grotte Santo Stefano

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Historical Residence

Domus La Quercia

Climate and People:

direct evidences

Morning session

Chair: Franco Siddi

Secretary-General of FNSI

09.00 - Impact on the alpine eco-region

Marco Onida

Secretary-General of the Alpine Convention, Austria

09.30 – Discussion with the Speaker

Climate witnesses

09.50 – Drought

Nelly Damaris Chepkoskei

Kenya, farmer

10.20 – Discussion with the Speaker

10.40 – Coffee break

11.00 - Glaciers melting and polar bear

Apa Sherpa – Dawa Sherpa

Nepal, students

11.30 – Discussion with the Speaker

11.50 - The transformation of Mousuni island

Jalaluddin Saha

India, farmer

12.20 – Discussion with the Speaker

13.00 – Lunch

Afternoon session

15.00 - Guided tour

19.00 - Visit to the “Ambientarti” exibition

20.00 - Viterbo, Palazzo del Governo

Evening reception

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Historical Residence

Domus La Quercia

Morning session

Chair: Diego Gavagnin

Director “Quotidiano Energia”

09.00 – Seventh Presentation

Rail sector and climate change

Barbara Morgante

FS, Italy

09.30 – Discussion with the Speaker

10.00 – Eighth Presentation

Evidences of climate change in the agricultural sector

Riccardo Valentini

Professor at the University of Tuscia, Italy

10.30 – Discussion with the Speaker

11.00 – Coffee break

11.15 – Ninth Presentation

Humanity’s Carbon Footprint: Cognition, Conflict and Denial

William Rees

Professor at the University of British Columbia, originator

of the “ecological footprint” concept, USA

12.00 – Discussion with the Speaker

12.30 - Impacts and adaptations to climate changes in the mediterranean basin

Maurizio Sciortino

(L’agone Nuovo – Enea), Italy

Domenico Guadioso

(ISPRA), Italy

13.00 – Lunch

Climate and People:

direct evidences

Afternoon session

Chair: Antonio Cianciullo


Climate witnesses

15.00 - Coral bleaching

Tony Fontes

Australia, Sub

15.30 – Discussion with the Speaker

15.50 - Extreme weather events

David Tobar Franco

Guatemala, accountant

16.20 – Discussion with the Speaker

16.40 – Coffee break

17.00 - Khar Us lake

Marush Narankhuu

Mongolia, herdsmen

17.30 – Discussion with the Speaker

18.00 – Close of Day four

19.30 - Presentation of the exhibition “AmbientArti”

20.30 Buffet and musical entertainment

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Historical Residence

Domus La Quercia

Morning session

Which message we can communicate through the evidences

Chair: Roberto Zalambani


09.00 - Greenaccord Network: Journalists’ presentations

Pavel Antonov, Hungary

Haroldo Castro, Brazil

Ahmed Raza, Pakistan

Ana Gonzales Wonham, Spain

10.30 – Coffee break

11.00 - Greenaccord Network: Journalists’ presentations

Alexandru Savulescu, Canada

Katiana Murillo, Costa Rica

Raphael Mollandy Mweninguwe, Malawi

Elisabetta Guidobaldi, Italy

Dick Russell, USA

Leon Marshall, South Africa

13.15 Lunch

Afternoon session

Greenaccord Network

14.30 - Presentation of the plea to Copenhagen Conference

Andrea Masullo

Chairman of Greenaccord Scientific Committee

15.00 – Acknowledgments

15.30 – Close of Forum 2009 – Departures